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  • 1 Post By rspears

Thread: Looking to buy first Hotrod Truck

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    Looking to buy first Hotrod Truck


    I have been looking to buy my first hotrod.. i would like to buy a patina looking truck (1948-1960). I want one with good guts (off frame resto, good engine and trans, upgraded wiring etc), and just the exterior body with well cured patina looking...I know it depends on opinion but within the hotrods truck class. Are the patina style liked by a lot of people or just a few people looking for a hotrod will actually be interested on them? What should i be looking when buying one of this? Are original frames preferred over lets say an updated s10 frame?.
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    My advise is to look for your patina truck west of the Mississippi. I found my 48 F1 in Fargo North Dakota.

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    I don't mind a patina/weathered paint and body. If you actually want to drive and enjoy it every day you will cringe less when a rock chips something, or a chunk of asphalt hits the bottom etc. Finding them in one main color patina not destroyed is getting harder to find. Then finding one already built won't be cheap IMO.
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    I'd say shop for the truck you want first, ignoring the "patina" and concentrating on the mechanicals of a good truck. You can fake the patina pretty easy. Saw a fiberglass coupe a year or two back that had actual rust trails flowing from rusty windshield channels, and about five layers of color that looked to be on original Henry steel. Amazing things can be done with layers of primer & paint with selective sanding.
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