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Thread: Personal LoJack??

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    Personal LoJack??


    On the surface it looks like Garmin's new GTU 10 may be an attractive alternative in areas where LoJack does not have coverage, or for those who prefer a DIY approach. With the optional car charger it looks like it could be hardwired into the accessory circuit in a hidden location - it's only 1.3"x3"x0.8". Downside may be the locator subscription cost is after the first year - not sure that has been published as this is pretty new. (No, I don't work for Garmin, nor do I have Garmin stock. Just looks like a great idea to me...)
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    Roger thanks for posting. I have been looking for something that will give me protection wherever I go and this just might do it.

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    I don't under stand how some of these guys get away with stealing some of the cars they grab. Like the 57 Chevy someone showed on here being stoled from this ladies garage.
    She had them on video and the car had to be worth $150,000 are you gonna tell me they didn't have low jack or something in that car. If she didn't shame on her and if she did why can't they find it??? My buddie had a super nice 67 camaro I mean show car quality. He would always leave his windows down and the thing unlocked. I told him you better put low jack or something in there because someone is going to steal your car.
    He said no and just say your crazy. One day I am sitting out front of my house and see three guys come up the street and just go up and get in to his car and start looking around. I walk over and said get out of the car, so they do and take off running.
    My friend comes over later and say's why did I chase his friends away. I tell him I watched them come down the street and they never went to his door they just got in and started messing with stuff. He told me not to worry about it he will tell someone when he does not want them in his car, I said ok. I swear with in a month he comes over and tells me someone stoled his car. You know what I said, { Huh!!! go figure, wonder who would do something like that!!!!}.

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