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Thread: 1974 Mustang II Build

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    Just started following this thread Mike you probably already know this but you are helping Cade become a good upstanding man. More parents /grandparents should be doing this as the coming generation is going down hill from what I've seen. My kids and Chris' kids all got there share of chores to do and when it came time for a car they got jobs to pay for them. All 5 are now great kids with kids of there own. two own there own business one is in the service with 3 kids the other is a pastor of a church and the 5th one is a body shop damage estimator for a big company. Hard work and responsibility never killed anyone. You sir are on the right track with Cade. You have to be PROUD.
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    great story Mike thanks for sharing
    The story brought back lots of memories of my son and grandson going through the same school problems
    both have their stuff together now
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    And speaking of Mustang IIs, Cades' doing good in school so it was another day working for Grandpa, working on the Mustang and getting some more driving in.

    The last time he drove the car it acted like it wasn't charging the battery. We pulled it into the shop and put a volt meter on it and sure enough it wasn't charging. In the process of checking to make sure the regulator had a good ground he managed to strip out one of the self tapping screws. So he got to learn one way how to do that little repair.

    VR by M Patterson, on Flickr

    Of course that wasn't the problem. The issue turned out to be a broken wire battery wire in the harness.......and it was Cade who found the problem, not me.

    Anyway, I've got him practicing his backing right now. I'm pretty much just turning him loose in the arena now......and keep an ear open to make sure he's not getting too exuberant ......loud exhaust is good

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    I've NEVER seen a car come from the factory that couldn't be improved.....

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