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Sbc build.

  1. BTMF
    Hello guys. Im New to the site here and thanks for the add!
    I’m Also VERY NEW to Chevys engines in general.
    I just picked up a 30 over 350 from a friend that was running it but decided to go with pump gas big block. Over the cost of the race fuel. Anyway I’m mainly looking for some advice and over knowledge on theses engines.
    So does Anyone know how much HP A stock 350,4 bolt Block will take? “It’s a Supposed High Nickel block”? It does have a lightened Eagle crank,Eagle I beam rods and Diamond racing 13-1 Nitrous Pistons that are cut for up to a 210 valve. I just picked up a set of Brodix Trac-1 heads CNC ported with 221runners and 208 intake valves and they heads are set up for up to a 700 lift can. Also a super Victor intake.
    I’m Wondering if I should get rid of the super vic and look into a Brodix intake since I’m going to be running the Brodix heads. I still need to get a carb and a cam for it. So any and all info will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Rocket29
    Hello, sounds like a real project there. Anyway, if my memory serves me the high nickel content blocks had 010 as the last three casting numbers. Those blocks are tough, for your application I would recommend ARP bolts for the mains or studs as well as ARP head bolts. The .030 bore is good for those blocks, I have run .040, but harder to keep cool on the street. Of course that was a long time ago and there so many more options today, I am sure cooling could be easily handled.
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