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Engine swap for my 1959 F-100

  1. Niri Tawä
    Niri Tawä
    Hi guys, My screen name is Niri Tawa, which is Na'vi For Niri possession of the sky, (I am both a pilot, and an avid fan of the movie AVATAR). My real name is Sabrina, Brie is my nick name. I have acquired my dream truck, a 1959 F-100 with a 292, and a T-98 Tranny. I also garnered a 1985 F-150 with a running 302 and a four speed. Was Ford still mating T-98's to the small blocks then?? I would like to swap the 1985 power train into the the 1959 truck, the previous owner pulled the Fuel injection, and computer controlled ignition, for a Carb., and points type distributor, saving me the trouble. (At 64, I am a VERY "Old School" Mechanic. and I can work on that stuff in my sleep). Who builds a swap engine, and tranny mount kit to go into a 1959 F-100?? Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. duanecr
    I'm guessing you have gotten your answers to this by now, but just in case you haven't. I'm no expert on Ford engine and tranny combos, but doing a quick search tells me that the it's unlikely the T-98 tranny will mate with the 302. I'm guessing they have different bolt patterns, but you should be able to measure the bolt patterns to see if they line up. If not, that's your answer. If so, some more digging would be necessary to see if the rest works.

    As far as engine swap kits, I'm in the process of replacing the engine in my '53 F-100. Midfifty.com sells engine mount kits, but you need to weld them in.
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