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  1. kiwipaul
    Hi McDonld Well come aboard. We will have to find out how to put up photos .
  2. kiwipaul
    Not much been going on in here to bussy over at OZRODDERS I will try and find out if is easy to load photo on here
  3. Tangowhiskyone
    Hi Guys just want to post a thank you to to two oz rodders who helped a pom out of a difficult spot of car trouble in California Dennis and Niel you know who you are thanks mates
  4. kiwipaul
    Did you post it on Ozrodders ?
  5. kiwipaul
    I am trying to find my around here again I have not been on here for some time>. I am still building My Jail Bar been going backwards for the larst few month. We where putting the motor in and found out that had got water in one bore and would not turn over. Pulled the down cleaned it up and I have it back in the car . Hope to have it running by the end of this month. I am going to bring the tray home here so it is easer to work on it now that we have daylight saving The hope is to have it on the road by the first part of next year I will try to come once a week to see what you guys are doing KP
  6. Kiwi37
    Hi guys, yet another Kiwi (born in Scotland though!) with '37 Ford coupe, '55 F100 and other quirky wheels, i.e. my newest car is a '79 Marina ute. (OK, my '01 Harley Dyna T-sport is newer!)

    Love any old car that keeps me broke!

    And wife is no help, she 'approves' more than she 'disapproves'!
  7. kiwipaul
    Hi Kiwi37 Well come aboard I have hoping to kick this on a bit. I am in rush this morning but will come on later catch up a bit more
  8. kiwipaul
    Hi Kiwi37 Where about are you ? Have you be in to z-rodders.com and there is oz-e-rodders and that is a real club that we all pay $20 a year to be a member. Most of the guys only come in here if ozrodders is down I have been trying to come aleast once a week KP
  9. kiwipaul
    In again but not body about But I will keep trying
  10. kiwipaul
    I can not remember how to post photo's on here . I am going to start finishing the paint on my 1942 Jail Bar Pick up and love to put up some photos.
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