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Thread: 429 Help Please. It's A stumper

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    Quote Originally Posted by firebird77clone View Post
    Thanks for the lead explanation.
    Isn't it amazing that the engineers chose to pollute the planet rather than harden the valve seats?
    When you consider that they won't even add 50 cents worth of nickel to an engine block to make it stronger and last longer, it should come as no surprise that the car makers refused to harden valve seats.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DennyW View Post
    You would actually need to know the month of that 1970. In 1970, is when they installed hardened seats. That was do to running higher temps for emissions. So, that engine may very well already have hard seats.
    Generally, 1970 is the line in the sand for "Induction" or "Flame" hardened seats. Seat inserts were not installed into cast iron heads (that I have ever seen) unless they were diesel or an industrial engine. The factory induction/flame hardening can vary in depth, and can quite possibly only be as little as 0.002" thick. If a "virgin" head is built, I give the customer the choice, unless I see valve seat recession. If it is '69 or earlier, or has already had a valve job or two, I highly recommend the hardened seat inserts for the exhaust.

    For a 1970 motor, the cost of exhaust seats, new intake valves (with chrome stems), exhaust valves (hard tips, chrome stem, and stainless in needed), new guides, 3 angle valve job, and surfacing the heads will be cheaper than not doing it, and having to go back in to do it later.

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    Ford big block nightmares! Junk it and get a Chevy roller motor! Save your self some heart ache. Talk to Tech about flat tappet nightmares.

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