alright if you would be so kind as to answer these questions as well as the ones in my previous post. First, is it safe to bore a flathead 60 thousandths if not how much, also what are some strong rods for the flathead, where can I get high comp. pistons if possible, how do I modify edelbrock or offy heads for 10:1 AND 12:1 COMP., with the 400 jr. isky cam, 10:1 comp. relieving porting and polishing, 292 c.i., edelbrock 4 bbl manifold, a good holley double pumper, or hilborn mechanical injection, what kind of power should i get what about with the combo. in my last post. also what is relieving is it what i see in flathead heads that look like valve reliefs in pistons or what? thnx for the help