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Thread: How do I get my hands on one????

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    mgar64 is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Jul 2004
    New Bern

    How do I get my hands on one????


    Where can I find a good Flat Head Ford V-8? Can they be mated to an OD auto transmission?

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    BOBCRMAN@aol.'s Avatar
    BOBCRMAN@aol. is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Apr 2003
    Holly, Mi.
    Car Year, Make, Model: various 1924-91

    There are several places that sell Flatties. Check Hemmings Motor News. In Michigan it's Motor City Flathead. Also Flathead Jacks (out west Arizona?)comes to mind.

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    Don Shillady's Avatar
    Don Shillady is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    May 2004
    Car Year, Make, Model: 29 fendered roadster

    The key word is "good". They are still out there and some restorers have them available, but most I have seen are cracked, usually between a valve seat and a cyllinder. I offer below the Internet address of the source of the "French Flathead" which looks very interesting but expensive. Keep in touch if you get a good block because I have a 4" stroke '49-'51 Merc crank with used rods and pistons with flywheel.


    Don Shillady
    Retired Scientist/teen rodder

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    Wild Turkey is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
    Join Date
    Feb 2004
    Car Year, Make, Model: 49 Willys Overland

    flathead avaliable


    I've got one sitting in my shop.

    Four deuces on a Weiand manifold, aluminum heads, ported, relieved, 299 cid, 59A block.

    Had it since '65, time to let someone enjoy it since I've got too many other irons in the fire

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    Norton3 is offline Registered User Visit my Photo Gallery
    Join Date
    Sep 2005

    I have a 53 merc block and crank machined and ready for assembly. I also have all the original stock parts...heads,rods, waterpumps, pulleys,etc. The shop that machine the block and crank checked it for cracks after cleaning and before machining. I have too many other projects going...I may never get around to using this engine. Send an e-mail if you have any interest in it.

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