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Thread: Flathead Newbee Needing Direction!

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    Jan 2004
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    Don Sorry, didn't read you first message right. (tired, too much work) No i'm not familar with the old indy racers so I can't really tell what engine was used back then. I started to watch the indy races around 58-59 so I missed out on the earlier ones.As far as a neighbor with the Ardun heads, I'm afraid he lives in California, but I imagine the 3 in port block would sound different than the 4, problably much like the glasspacks sound on a flattie campared to a sb ford, mopar or chevy.
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    I can assure you that the exhaust went from the familiar flathead rumble to a significant snarl - i.e. SBC/F. There used to be a guy around my area that raced one - pre SBC/F - and it was sweet. He took a class win at the NHRA Nationals with it one year - probably in the '53 to '55 era.

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    Jun 2005

    Re;the weird stacked ports on the Y block. Henry was trying to fix the mixture imbalance that existed in most older engines. All the ports on a Y are close to the same length and configuration. An innovative, fresh-sheet-of-paper approach to the problem. Trouble is, it created more problems than it solved.
    "Back to the drawing board!"

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