How ya doin all?
I have a few questions about winaldl. I guess first of all, what do I do with all this information once I have it? In other words, how do I take all this data my truck logged onto a computer screen and use that information to determine what changes I need to make?
I know this must sound very remedial to many of you but this is the first time I've ever really messed with a computer in a vehicle. My past vehicles with a computer I was scared to death of working on so I just took them to the dealer for repairs. I've done alot of reading up and learned quite a bit about the advanges of having one just in the installation process but so far the troubleshooting hasn't been working the way I thought it would which lead me to the winaldl program.
Let me give you the quick scoop. My brother in law gave me his 1990 7.4L GMC Suburban. After freshening up the engine I transplanted it and the ECM along with all the sensors, bells, whistles and wires into my '69 Suburban. Once I had all the wiring routed, double checked and connected I fired it up, made a few adjustments and it ran pretty good. Matter of fact once it warmed up, it ran great.
The biggest problem is on cold starts. It doesn't hold it's idle up, misses and just sounds bad in general. I threw an auto scanner on it and it had no error codes or stored codes and as far as I could tell the rest of the info looked right on. Since the TBI has no "choke" per say, to adjust I had to do some reading and found out that the ECM makes adjustments to the injector pulses, timing and fuel mixture based on info received from the Temp sender. According to my scanner, the temp sender is working properly. Now if the info I read on the temp sender is correct and it is working properly wouldn't that mean that it has to be either the ECM is not making the correct adjustments OR it is making the right adjustments but the components the ECM is trying to control are not working properly. This is where it gets a little gray for me. What, exactly does the ECM adjust, because if the above info is correct and it is just the injectors, timing and mixture, those things all work fine when it's warmed up leaving me to believe it's the ECM. If it's something else that I haven't heard of like a mechanical or vacuum device that would physically hold the throttle open a little at start up then let me know because I didn't install anything like that.
Finally this takes us back to the winaldl program. I don't want to replace the ECM yet because I'm not 100% that's the problem, after all I get no error codes, the info I get off the scanner looks OK and I got 2 long flashes from my Check Engine Light when I jumpered the aldl indicating that the ECM is OK. I figured if I downloaded and ran the winaldl program that would shed a little more light on things but I just don't know what the heck it is I'm looking at.

So anyway, sorry about the book I didn't mean to get carried away. But if anyone can see where I'm going with this and can offer some help with either the Winaldl program or the cold start problem itself, I'd really appreciate it.