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Thread: Retrotek - NOT A SALES PITCH, but I'm almost sold...

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    Nov 2009
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    Retrotek - NOT A SALES PITCH, but I'm almost sold...


    Spoke with these guys yesterday, their Powerjection III system sounds like a really nice product if it works as advertised

    According to Bruce at Retrotek/Professional Products, the system is self tuning initially requiring only a few variables you need to enter and then it creates it base map once your vehicle comes up to operating temerature. You can edit the fuel curve at anytime with a laptop or leave it as is. I imagine the future update, the PJ3+ (see below,) will allow spark timing/advance and fuel threshold tuning as well.

    In Feb 2010 they are coming out with a PowerjectionIII+ that offers spark control and FOD (fuel on demand) w/o a return line by modulating the supplied fuel pump run/stop via fuel pressure sensor at the rail head. Bruce said the spark control feature will work with any 2-wire distributor (sorry no points gentlemen) and aftermarket ignitions and will ship with or without distributor, for some reason it is not HEI compatible but that's not the end of the world either

    Personally, I might skip the FOD feature but will wait for the spark control feature for the ultimate in bolt-on EFI, no pricing announced for that but the current PJ3 already has my interested piqued - bolt-on EFI for less than $2000 that works with any 4150 bolt pattern intake... and it looks flash too!

    I am very impressed so far, and possibly see a few of these in my future, now to find the funds

    Anyone have any experience with or opinions of these, or similar, to share?
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    prb51 is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Feb 2010

    Ok, so what happened? Did it work as advertised or what?

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    Aug 2004
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    I've been looking at them too for several months now. I have down loaded and read the instruction manual. Besides the unit's adaptive learning capabilities the laptop set-up and tuning software has me sold. I'm going to buy one I think if they will crank out the 1200 cfm version. Much mo better than any carb set-up and much less clutter than SFI. Although SFI is superior as far as fuel injection goes.

    Jon Kitzmiller, MSME, PhD EE, 32 Ford Hiboy Roadster, Cornhusker frame, Heidts IFS/IRS, 3.50 Posi, Lone Star body, Lone Star/Kitz internal frame, ZZ502/550, TH400

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    I'm not criticizing Retrotek's system at all, but FAST has their bolt on system that mimics the look of a carb and is self tuning, too. FAST has built a great reputation in the market - might be worth a look before you lay down cash.
    Enjoy the little things in life, and you may look back one day and realize that they were really the BIG things.

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    mike forte is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Dec 2008
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    I was very wary of the Powerjection III unit when first released. I am more than impressed with the performance all around and am now selling them often.
    In 3 dyno runs the HP & torque were increased from exact same engines with tuned carbs. The carbs have boosters that restrict airflow compared to the EFI.
    I need to call FAST to see what their distributor pricing looks like.
    Mike Forte
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