Hey guys,

I have a carburator tuning question. Does anyone here on this forum have experiance tuning a 575 Annular Booster carb on a 302 Ford? I don't want to know about any other size engine, but a 306 chevy engine probably is close enough for me....

If any of you folks are using the same carb on your simular engine, I want to know what all your jetting and air-bleeds are at. Barry Grant Technical line is not very much help at all, and I do not currently have access to an air-fuel meter.

This carb is not running rich at idle, and the throttle plates are closed (near closed) where they are supposed to be set. The EZ Edle is set open at about 1.5 turns.

Been building motors for a very long time. I can rebuild and tune carbs with my eyes closed. I am not a novice.

I picked up a Mighty Demon Carb last year. It is a 575 Annular Booster. It is on a 302 Ford (306) with Ported Windsor Sr. Heads. (2.05 valves) Cam is 236 duration at .05, with 500 in and 512 out. 6500 RPM shift point, 3000 stall on a 500 HP C4. Duel Plain RPM Manifold, and 1 inch plastic spacer. Timing is set correctly, 27 Initial, and 33 total at 2400 RPM's. In a 3000 pound 66 Mustang with 3.00 posi gears.

Estimated 385 HP, and with the 750 Holley DBP, I ripped off a 12.7 fastest.

Been a bit fustraiting tunning this bugger. I have recently set all jets and air-bleeds back to stock, to re-tune from baseline. I have dropped the primary jets from 66 (stock) to 64 and have picked up a bit of exceleration, but it is still a bit lazy in the mid-range. I had this bugger running much better last year, and the midrange was strong, but I changed the exhaust from 2.00 duel H-pipe, to 2.5 inch duel, and thats when the car slowed down. Thats why I went back to stock carb setting to start from scratch.

Thanks in advance for your replies. I just want a base-line what other folks did to tune thier carbs.