Hi All..
I have a rebuilt chevy 327, .30 over bore,10.3:1 comp ratio, edelbrock performer heads, malory distributor, performer cam

I bought the edelbrock dual quad set up for the shevy small block but cant seem to tune it right, First i was told (by some friends that only run single carbs) to set it up as a one to one setup, so i did and it ran way to rich, then i was told to set it up as a progresive set up so i did that now it runs better but not right, i was told to leave the rear carb jets out 1-1/4 turns and close the front ones all the way does this sound right to anybody? should i have bolth carb jets set the same on bolth carbs? Does it matter witch carb you use as the primary front or rear? any help would be great..Thanks