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Thread: distributer degreeing?!!!!

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    Mar 2005
    Car Year, Make, Model: 1950 Chevy 3600 Pickup

    alright well i now have it running.. and it runs awsome!! but just to fill you all in, we got everything hooked up and such, turned it over and it didn't even sound like it was catching fire.. so we pulled a plug, found out it was fireing, so first of all we just moved the distributer retard two teeth to see if it changed anything... still nothing... so i put it back to the number 1 wire mark,... on tdc from the balancer and checking too see if the piston was also up and it was... so i called a couple of old friends... got one of em to come over and look at it and he said i had to rotate my distributer a complete 180 degrees!! so i pulled the cap... lifted the distributer and got it all set up so it was at the No. 6 wire... then i turned it over a few times and it acted like it wanted to fire... so i kept turning it over (let the heads get broke in and such) and then it fired off... did the cam break in... did some more tuning things to it, took it out for a test drive.. and it ran perfectly...

    the guy that came over, his explanation for this was that at the factory where they make these timing gears and such they mess up sometimes or some bull like that... he said that it has happened to him a couple of times on 283's

    if this is true then they messed up on the original one,, and pete jackson timing gears also messed up... so thats not true in my case... i had put on a new balancer when the old one cracked and the lines were in the exact same spot on both, so what went wrong????

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    Jun 2005

    Yep, a 50-50 chance just means you'll get it wrong every time.

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