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Thread: q-jet tunning (or any carb for that matter!)

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    Nov 2005
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    q-jet tunning (or any carb for that matter!)


    for my 383 stoker i was planning to put on a q-jet (Rochester probably, but what are the others like?), but people tend not to like them apparently due to the problem of tunning them?

    if i purchased a new (or maybe recon) q-jet, do you guys who have experience tunning them recon a novice with a lot of patience would be able to tune one up? would i need any equipment such as an exhaust gas analyser?

    obviously the tune of a carb plays a huge role in engine performance and economy, so would i be best to leave it to a tunning shop? as its a new stroker it cant be dynoed straight away, so would i have to wait til its runin til i get it perfectly tunned?

    cheers guys for any advice

    oh and remember im in rainy old england so most engine-tunners wouldnt know what a q-jet is, let alone seen a chevy engine!

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    Dec 2005
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    well you stated that you were running a stroker engine so you have alot of carbs to select from.you can research the q-jet and you can find that they make a few that would work on your engine, or you could check out a eddy(i preferr the eddy) and you should use around a 750 - 850 style carb, that should give you what you need depending on the cam that you are using. imo i thin that the eddy is easyer to rebuild and set up and you can change the metering rods from the out side, which is easier also good luck

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