Hi All.
Any one have any experience on the Pertronics Flamethrower Distributer?i just put one in my 57 chevy wagon with a 350 with Vortec heads,Edelbrock 600cfm,stock cam,etc.
I am not sure it runs much better than the old point setup.
When i did the switch i also replaced wires and plugs.Taylor 8mm wires and with Bosch Platinums.(I took out the AC R44LTS) I was recomended to widen the gap a little to .045
It seems to have a slight roughness and when i check the plugs they look OK in the center yet the outer edges are charred black.
i keep fiddleing with the carb adjustment but its not helping.
Oh, i have the timing set at 10 btdc.
i am going to try NGK V groove plugs to see if it helps.
So all in all my question is do you see anything i should of done different or am not doing.Plugs,Gap,Timing,etc. it just does not seem to have the power or smoothness it did before.
Whta about carb adjustments? Whats the best or should i say correct method?i no longer have my SnapOn Tach/Dwell meter to assist me,so i am just doing it by my senses.You know,smell,taste,see,and hear.
Thanks for any advice