Ok, First off as far as necessary vaccum hoses and what not what is needed ( for a 429)? I hooked up my pcv valve and plugged every thing else except a manifold vaccum that goes to a manifold on the fire that splts the hoses to power steering etc. The funny thing is the pcv hose has a hole in it when I plug the hole the car dies???? My distributor is mechanical advance so no vaccum there I dont know what else might need vaccum? Also swapping engines with a C-6 I've got a 429 that I'm thinking of puling out and working on out of the car, Besides a 460 would I have to just change the bell housing for a different engine I'm not sure what engine yet I'm looking for 351W or C. Motor mounts will probably change I'm sure, any junkyard swaps for that, maybe F-100 or LTD? Thanks for the help!