Hey everyone. Good to be here. This is my first post. I need help. I have a 1967 camaro that we are in the process of throwing in a mean 4L80E transmission.. Its compltely built with 3600 stall, hardended gears, hardened shafts, blue line clutches, transcommand TCI computer w/ laptop hookup, etc... We have everything done and installed in the car, computer ran, wires ran, driveshaft made, crossmember made,but now we are stuck. I need to hook up a TPS sensor to it since its all computerized. Ive heard of people putting them on carbs before, but not sure what I need to do to make it happen. I have a holley 4 barrel 750 carb. TCI has a TPS kit for $275.00 which I think is a little outrageous. Is there any simplier and cheaper ways to get this done on my carb setup? I am anxious to get this on the track but cannot get there until this is done. Please throw me any info you can. I would greatly appreciate it.