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Thread: Chevy engine block ID assistance request

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    Willey is offline CHR Junior sMember Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Feb 2019

    Chevy engine block ID assistance request


    Hi All.

    This is my first post and would like to ask for some assistance with identifying an engine block I was given by a family friend about 10 years ago.

    I’m pretty sure it’s a 350 that’s been stroked to 383. The stamping on the front right hand pad has been partially removed due to a decking of the block leaving the stamps barely readable.

    If there is anyone out there that can assist me with identifying the block and possibly the car it came out of it would be much appreciated and of great assistance.

    Cheers guys and all the best.
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    Scrubline's Avatar
    Scrubline is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Jan 2019
    Car Year, Make, Model: '23 T bucket

    Casting# 397010 is a 350 block used from 69-79 in cars and trucks. They came with 2 and 4 bolt mains. I have the same casting# on the '75 Corvette motor that's in my t bucket..it has 2 bolt mains. I think yours came out of a truck because of the suffix T on the Model/VIN stamping that has been obscured. A 4 bolt main would usually confirm it was from a truck.
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    Andreas Rüther is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Feb 2019

    Hi. I am andreas and from german. Sorry for my englisch.
    My question is.... I buy a c 10 from 79. Insider is an engine and the numbers are:
    Whatsapp is this for an engine?
    Tank you, Andreas

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    techinspector1's Avatar
    techinspector1 is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    May 2003
    Zephyrhills, Florida, USA
    Car Year, Make, Model: '32 Henway

    Hello Andreas, the letter code CKH tells us that the motor was one of these 3 configurations....

    1972....307 cubic inch....130 horsepower....2-bbl carburetor....Powerglide 2-speed transmission
    1973....350 cubic inch....175 horsepower....4-bbl carburetor....4-speed manual transmission....California Emission System
    1974....350 cubic inch....160 horsepower....4-bbl carburetor....3-speed or 4-speed manual transmission....California Emission System.

    I know this is a little bit confusing, but Chevrolet used the same suffix codes on more than one motor.

    You can narrow it down further by checking the rear of the crankshaft to see if it is fitted with a pilot bearing. If yes, the motor would have been used with a manual transmission. If no, the motor would have used an automatic transmission.

    Looking at this again, I'm pretty sure it is a 350 block because of the 3970010 casting number.

    Other members here may be able to tell you more.
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    Andreas Rüther is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
    Join Date
    Feb 2019

    Tank you for helm. Maybe i need helm in Future. I OpenOffice the motor net week to see what is Inside.

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