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Thread: 1984 454 bb chevy c30 fuel injection

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    dwmind@gmail is offline Registered User Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Jul 2011
    Las Vegas

    1984 454 bb chevy c30 fuel injection


    Hello All,

    Yes I am a total newb on this forum. So let me apologize now, if I have posted in the wrong section. I have searched in different sections of this site, and have not really found any threads that answered my questions... I do not really care for links that just give me more questions....

    What I am searching for is some guys on here that have bought and installed after market injection for a 454 of my vintage, and had some luck/ great success... I am a great tech, and have the OEM stuff pretty much down etc. However I am still ignorant as to tell what generation my 84 454 is, after reading wiki etc. , and I am still currently ignorant as to finding the response on this site, since I have only used it a few times... ANYWAYS... sorry...

    My vision, not sure if it correct, but my vision is to yank the three speed th400 and replace with 700r4 that came out of a corvette, that I have already, and was overbuilt with hydraulic actuated lockup low stall torque converter. Yank the carb off and find a multi port/ or tbi complete kit that gives me precision fuel metering without tuning crap or headaches, contemplating crank trigger, and fan removal with dual electric pull fans. I live in las vegas, so its HOT. I want this to be a highway machine, and at times, a parts runner, most likely will not tow...

    Of course when I worked in the crane world as a mechanic, my thought process is parallel with military spec. where some guys use a standard hose, I will build a high pressure hose, and never touch it again... I never have a break down on any of my machines, except maybe a belt or tire, and I always catch those ahead of time... So I am more function than form.. Point? I want a solid aftermarket injection kit, one that guys on here are using, and love it, and have used it for a length of time... Maybe can recommend a strong electric fuel pump with a life span of 5-7 years, instead of one that fails annually, or maybe some redundant fuel delivery?

    I know I still have some calculations to work around, duh.. figure out what generation 454 I have for a 1984, figure out my rear end ratio, and tire size etc. and probably another question out of ignorance, if I find a good crank trigger and some coil overs, what do you do with the distributor, leave it to just run an oil pump? Or do I just use an entirely different powerplant altogether? I know most is a matter of taste.. I have about 5-8k to invest on this endeavor, willing to wait and save if something a little better is out there... Just want a daily driver, not a race car... no car payment etc. I love this old dually, I haven't loved a machine in a while, so I want to modernize it's powertrain, but have it solid...

    I will order a dakota digital dash, with cruise control, and electric fan control.

    I have ordered RFID for the truck already, so I can walk up and vehicle automatically unlocks with push button start, also when parked vehicle battery is completely isolated except radio...

    Thank You for reading,
    Try not to beat me up too bad...

    I appreciate it!!


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    pat mccarthy's Avatar
    pat mccarthy is offline CHR Member/Contributor Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Apr 2005
    bay city

    well you could just use a tbi or mass air tbi GM built them and they go 200.000+ can not get much better then that same with fuel pump delco is hard to beat . as for your 454 as for gen ? if its a two pc rear seal then its a mark 4 orIV same base block from 65 to about 90. one pc seal crank its 91 and up mark 5or V or 6. VI i would put a mark 6 454 or 496 in it base off the new block and use the intake and all gm computer hard ware.harness.box. this way it a hyd roller enigine and you have crank trigger buy a low mile wreck and swap all parts to yours
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    Car Year, Make, Model: '51 Chevy Fleetline and a Ratrod project

    I would buy an LQ4/4L80E out of a 1999-2002 Chevy truck. They will give great MPG, fairly stout, and much better than the wheezing 1980's 454. Otherwise, GM put TBI's on 454's, and 1 of those setups will not cost too much
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    dwmind@gmail is offline Registered User Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Jul 2011
    Las Vegas

    than you guys for the knowledge, i will research both replies, again thanks for taking the time!!!!


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