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Thread: The Outlaw - Ed "Big Daddy" Roth´s HOT ROD

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    Exclamation The Outlaw - Ed "Big Daddy" Roth´s HOT ROD



    I am modeling Ed Roth´s The Outlaw in 3D. I would like to know if anyone knows where to find pictures of the motorblock used in the image below?

    I think it is a 1949 Cadillac 331, but I am not sure. I would like to know, too, some specific name of this part, is it really motor block?

    May be someone knows a similar name or motor block (different brand that looks similar).

    Attached Images

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    Tony---Generally it is called an "engine block". Motor is usually used to describe an electrical power source, while "engine" refers to an internal combustion power source. What software are you using to do your modeling? I have a complete Chev small block V8 engine and transmission modelled in Solidworks that I can send you.----Brian
    Old guy hot rodder

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    While technically, Motor refers to electric, and engine refers to internal combustion, surely if one is to take a honest and "Objective" view at this silly terminolgy the use of motor has become standared almost for the thing that powers out Hot Rods.

    Also as to the picture pictured "Motor Block" would in no way be an accurate discription. It is a almost complete engine, certainly more than a BLOCK and even more than a Long Block as the Intake manifold is present. Hell lets just call it a motor....

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