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Thread: What goes into a Pro Stock Engine

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    NHRA maxs is 500 cid just.. saying not what many would call a mountain engine now days ??rick maskins from dart was building pro stock engines for some time.did very good at it. now were the pro stock building part of there shop is now for head repair allmost 20 years ago butch alkins from diamond did my 862 bow ties /old pro stock heads.he told me he could get 25 hp more out of the intake for $500 .maybe a deal for some but it was just a Nos engine so $500 more of Nos at the time would give you alot more HP.. just ask the mopar guy s in pro stock
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    Well the real secret in Pro stock is money..........

    Well that would be the common thought these days for people who are not in the class.In my life's experience I have seen guys due to one way or another came into a ton of cash and enter into a class of high competition and couldn't cut it.Didn't know enough or very little.Had little support from those guys who did.I think some of the top drivers I respect are top engineers that understand the big picture and all the little details that make them stand out from the rest.God rest his soul, one that in his class was a forerunner was John Lingenfelter.He had that Midas touch that everything he worked on turned to gold.
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