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Thread: 1965 Pontiac Parisenne Custom Sport - 327

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    1965 Pontiac Parisenne Custom Sport - 327


    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for accepting my registration. First off I have a 1979 Z/28 with original 350 now 355 and someone made it a 4 speed but I think I have the original Automatic.

    Now to topic, my Dad has passed without ever restoring his 1965 Pontiac Parisenne Custom Sport (He bought it new in Windsor, ON) he has let it rot in the grass for 40 years.

    He always said how awesome the engine was in these cars. I don't even know if engine is salvageable but if it is would you consider building this and using in the Camaro?

    Would I be happy? I remember the feeling of Big Block power so if I was going to invest a lot of money I had considered going BB or stroking the 350 to 383.

    There is significant sentimental value. Would there be any value in keeping it mated to the PowerGlide transmission? Many questions and open to all opinions.

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    Welcome to CHR!
    The Gen 3 Parisenne's were a Canadian model that was in lockstep with Chevrolet, so your 327 is simply a Gen 1 flat tappet SBC 327 and nothing special other than belonging to your Dad. IMO you will not be at all happy with that old engine in your Camaro, and especially not with the two speed PowerGlide tranny, as you'd be taking a big step backwards from the Z28 350 that you have. You'd be much better off putting money into the engine you have in the Camaro now, and un-doing some of the power robbing pollution controls that were standard in '79 or better yet picking up a newer takeout LS engine/tranny/computer & harness package from one of the salvage operations.
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    A slip n slide is good for two things, a boat anchor or highly modified for some of the competition classes at the drag strip. And as the old saying goes speed = money. how fast do you want to go?
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    I had to google the car name to see what it was about. I'd think that the "value" would be purely sentimental.
    If you were to drop in a LS setup, that would move along right smart. I hope it isn't as rotten as you say, it would be different from all the others.
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    Dave Severson is offline CHR Member/Contributor Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Welcome to CHR! If you like the power of a big block, I doubt you'd be happy with a 327. They were a great engine in their day, but they have to be built to take a lot of 7,000 RPM and up use to make decent power! A small block stroker motor, 383 or even all the way out to 427 will make great torque at mid level RPM. Many drag racers are using Powerglides, but it takes big bucks to make them "live" behind big power engines! For street use the automatics with overdrives, like the 700R4 will retain a low gear ratio for launch then give you that extra overdrive ratio for cruising on the highway. If it's all about nostalgia, maybe just make the old 327 all pretty and leave it on a stand in the shop and build a big inch small block or big block for the car. Whether or not a project is worth the time and money it takes to do it right is strictly in the eye of the owner!
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