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  • 1 Post By rspears

Thread: Advice on cleaning engine

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    Advice on cleaning engine


    Hey guys, I have a question. So I have a 267 engine that has been sitting in my barn for 20+ years and I was wondering, what is the best way to go about cleaning it? Should I avoid getting degreaser and water in any of the ports and holes? It does not have a intake manifold, carburetor, spark plugs, or headers on it. I took the valve covers off but I will put them back on while I clean it. Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, you SHOULD avoid contamination to the internals.

    The best way is to block off all ports. Summit has block off kits, or you can put on an old set of headers or manifolds and intake.
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    Personally i wouldnt use water, a gallon of lacquer thinner and a brass wire brush after blocking eveything off, i also use toilet paper put into all the intake and exhaust ports before the block off kit, because the block off kit is not liquid tight, if a small piece of tp got left in somwhere and i mean very small it would either burn up or dissolve, but i would dip the wire brush in the thinnet and scrub it, than rinse with thinner afterwards, thats just me, change the oil also afterwards, and after the first firing change the filter. Good luck
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    You could also clean the machined surfaces with brake cleaner or carb cleaner, wiping them clean and dry and use duct tape to form a valley over the intake area and over exhaust ports. Double thick isn't a bad idea if you plan to use a pressure washer vs the thinner & brush approach.
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