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Thread: Road Draft Tube Question?

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    lowpro416 is offline Registered User Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Mar 2009

    Road Draft Tube Question?


    A lot has been written in forums about what should be done about
    road draft tubes. Mainly conversions to PCV or using old GM conversion fittings.

    I want to know once and for all what is the best solution to my problem.

    Got a 66' impala last year with a 327.

    Has a road draft tube hole with an interesting fitting (that I understand was OE road draft tube to PCV conversion adaptor, ugly and leaking) with a line routed to the back of the Edelbrock carb. Correct routing?


    Oil has been coming up from this fitting and going all over my transmission.
    A REAL mess!

    Both my valve covers have breathers. Ideally, I would like to just plug this hole with a core plug or aftermarket cap.

    But I am wondering, don't know when the piston rings were last done, and might have some blow-by. Are the valve cover breathers enough?

    1. I want to stop this damn oil from leaking all over.
    2. What is the best routing solution (adding a newer aftermarket PCV adaptor Mr Gasket 9150G to the road draft hole with grommet and routing it to my carb PCV fitting?) or just plugging the hole with a core plug or something?

    Would really appreciate any feedback!



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    Itoldyouso's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    fort myers
    Car Year, Make, Model: '27 ford/'39 dodge/ '23 t

    Never done one of these conversions, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. My 350 chevy has a simple PCV valve on one valve cover going to the vacuum port on the carb, and the other valve cover has a push in breather/oil cap. It runs extremely clean with no oil seepage.

    If you are getting that kind of discharge maybe you have some blowby from the rings that is putting more compression into the engine than the valve can handle. I'd do a compression/ leakdown test and see what you have there and then go from there.


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    blown55's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Car Year, Make, Model: 55 chevy belair

    Sounds like the can inside the valley is missing. Does it have a stock intake?...Dennis

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    pat mccarthy's Avatar
    pat mccarthy is offline CHR Member/Contributor Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Apr 2005
    bay city

    i have done them if intakes off take the tin baffle that looks like a soup can out of the lifter valley take road tube hookup off the back of block or plug the elbow if you want the elbow gone find a soft plug and drive the plug in the block and take out the front breather and tube. drive a plug in the take . the road tube they will put some oil out but not that much your front breather in your intake is plug or the baffle can is not in the engine when rebuilt. rings could be going bad hooking the pvc up you need a breather in one valve cover and a pvc in the other side would be plug in the base of carb
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    Quote Originally Posted by pat mccarthy View Post
    take road tube hookup off the back of block or plug the elbow if you want the elbow gone find a soft plug and drive the plug in the block.

    Or you can use a fender washer. Make a gasket from almost anything and use sealent, or just use sealent, and bolt the washer over the hole.


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