Hi ....... I have a 1992 Dodge Shadow that's worth maybe $1200 and no extra coin in the bank. I'd love to swap it for something that my 8 year old boy and I can work on together. Now that I'm older (43) and wiser (debatable) I am no longer holding out for a '57 Bel Air, a 40 Ford Coupe, or a Superbird, 'cuz I know it's not gonna happen with my budget. I'm now open to almost anything pre-1981, something I can work on along with my son and eventually trade off for something a bit more desirable. I remember a time when I was a teen and wouldn't give a second look to a Gremlin, Pinto, Datsun 510, Aspen, Biscayne, station wagon, etc., ..... but now that the "good stuff" is priced out of reach I'm willing to consider a lot of things I'd never consider before. So, if you know of anything in the 519 area code or maybe even the 905 area code that might fit the bill I'd love to hear from you. Remember, my budget is extremely tight but I'm willing to off my '92 Dodge Shadow for something. Also, don't know if this helps or not, but I'm an autoglass installer and would consider trading off my knowledge and time for some money off an old car/truck. I posted a similar idea on another site and it was well received but the responses were from the U.S., and I'm in southern Ontario, Canada. It would just be a whole lot easier if something could happen here in Ontario, since there wouldn't be that whole border/duty/exchange situation to deal with. So, I'm asking for the help of my fellow Ontarions..... if you don't have anything do you know of anything that might be up my alley; you know, a friend of a friend or a neighbour that has something that you don't want... ? I'd appreciate hearing from any of you Ontario guys or gals. My son and I thank you.