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Thread: can a motor backfire if you overwind it???

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    i have other engine out to 500+ cid fords 460.s past 540cid and morpar RB 440 out to 520cid Pontiac 455 to 495. small ford 302 base engine to 350cid and the 9500 deck.351s to 450 cid .there no free lunch so yes your going to buy some good parts to take the rpm and bigger CID .but that is not alway the case as many of the engine are built for TQ not HP numbers may not need the parts i would use in a hi rpm bigger power engine . i have used a stock block and head casting rods with better bolts.some builds you may need th run engines hi in rpm to get the power out of them so better parts more $$.i have not found away around this been at it for 30years . i built many more bbc 489/496/511 at 9.800 deck stock block and 10.200 deck stock 427 truck block to 540 cid . then in the after market blocks can go 100 cid over stock size is not hard to do on some engines . say a bbc bowtie or dart blockbig M it is not hard to build a 598to 638 bbc that run to 7500 RPM if needed . if you do not like bbc chevys better get over that . good part of engine i listed and many more like the FEs use after market rods and rod bearings along with wist pins are BBC some rocker arms and valve springs . others use the sbc rods .bearings and wrist pins. if engine is built for RPM it s not to big of a deal with some know how and a few good parts
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