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Thread: For Don Shilady

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    Dave Severson is offline CHR Member/Contributor Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Jul 2003
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    Thanks for the update Don, good hearing from you! Eventually it should be spring and we can all get back to enjoying our toys!
    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, Live for Today!
    Carroll Shelby

    Learning must be difficult for those who already know it all!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Shillady View Post
    2020 Report (continued)

    I want to add two comments.

    The first new comment to 34-40 is regarding the Stage 1 water pump v-belt. The upper alternator mount only allows about a 15-20 degree contact with the water pump pulley and the water pump was the main reason for this overall change so we stretched a smaller v-belt over the second pulley set on the crank and the water pump. It does squeal if you just go right to the starter but for some wonderful reason if I allow about 3 seconds to let the electric fans start with just the "On" part of the starter key and then turn the switch fully to the right to turn on the starter it starts without a squeal!

    The second new comment is that I was surprised that (118 psi/14.7 psi/atm) = 8.03 CR because I originally had the 882 heads cc-ed for a 9:1 CR. I do not have any previous experience with spark plug pressure readings, are they usually low?

    Best Wishes,
    Don Shillady
    Retired Scientist/teen rodder
    Well good for you Don. Sounds like you've figured a work around to a squeal and that's just fine. If I crank mine a lot and run the battery down , when it does fire off the belt will squeal for a bit, but I just let the battery build back up a minute or two than all is well. Your PSI readings seem a bit low to me. but as long as they are even across them all, you're good to go. 9 to 1 would've been preferred but - no matter now. She's making enough power to spin the wheels - that's all the trouble you need to get into right??
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    jerry clayton's Avatar
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    Feb 2006

    Compression ratio is swept volume compared to total volume of cylinder including the head CCs

    Compression reading pressure is relavant to where the valves open and close on overlap------and block carb open when doing compression check -----

    Check out PowerMaster for alternators and brackets---
    By popular opinions-just a grumpy old man key board bully--But really, if you are going to ask for help on an internet site, at least answer questions about what you are asking about-----

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