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Thread: Help w/FE 390 slight smoking one exhaust pipe. Some black oil on 2 spark plug threads

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    jerry clayton's Avatar
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    Feb 2006

    well 5 and 8 are on the left side so you turned wrong screw?????(edit----I worded this for a test to see what kind of comments I might get-----but with the manifold being an 180* type, 5 and 8 are fed from the right side of carb-sorry for the baited response)

    And it isn't just an issue to separate 7 &8 wires-its that with them spaced from factory by having the 5 & 6 wires between them in the spacer/holder brackets but that them peeps put them on the plugs in the wrong order --------and actually end up with 3 wires wrong plugs.

    Hoss------it wasn't post 3 but would been 8 or 9, maybe 10---------

    I discussed usage of oil amounts related to valve seals, the operating conditions that would cause leakage and results differing between intake or exhaust guides, 180* manifold characteristics, and a few more issues as relate to FE manifolds such as how they fit under the valve cover, porting thru into pushrod passage holes, head porting thru to the bolt hole that is the oil passage from cam bearing to rocker system, and use of splash shields to aid the oil drainback so as not to have so much oil in valve covers causing excessive guide oiling.
    Issue of PVC from base of carb to valve cover without adequant air flow from opposite valve cover----

    Just seems like the Russians hacked me-------
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    Watch this youtube video first.

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